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Performance of 201 Methyl Silicone Oil and Its Storage and Transportation Analysis

Sep 4, 2019

About 201 methyl silicone oil packaging and storage:
1. Packing weight: 20kg is a flat polyethylene barrel, which can pack 200kg plastic coated iron drum according to user requirements.
2. This product should be kept in a cool, clean, dry and ventilated place, not in contact with alkaline substances. The storage period is one year.
3. The product should be protected from rain, sunlight and transported as non-hazardous materials during transportation.
After adding a suitable catalyst to the 201 methyl silicone oil, the surface for coating the object is oxidized by oxygen in the air after heat treatment to become a resin film having good water repellency, and is made into fabric, glass, ceramic, paper, leather, Metal, cement, marble, and other materials waterproof, moisture-proof treatment agents, especially in the waterproof treatment of fabrics have been widely used, and the use of hydroxy silicone oil can maintain the original light transmission and softness of the fabric and improve the tear resistance of the fabric Degree, friction strength and stain resistance.

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