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Notice of the Logistics Suspension and Re-transportation time of SIlibase during the Spring Festival of 2022

Jan 7, 2022

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your support and trust! As the Spring Festival is approaching and the epidemic situation across the country is severe, our company now combines actual operations to tentatively schedule the suspension and resumption of logistics for the Spring Festival in 2022 as follows:
1. Large tonnage/cargo direct cargo:
The suspension time is January 24, 2022, and the resumption time is February 8, 2022;
During the period, if there is a special delivery requirement for the whole vehicle/chartered vehicle, in principle, notify our company 2 days in advance, and we will try our best to arrange it!

2. Small tonnage/LTL/Express transit cargo:
The suspension time for Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Anhui is January 20, 2022, and the resumption time is February 8, 2022; the suspension time for other provinces across the country is January 15, 2022, and the resumption time is 2022 2. Month 8;

Shanghai and Ningbo Beilun foreign trade warehouses will be suspended on January 23, 2022, and the re-shipment time will be February 8, 2022; the deadline for some remote areas may be advanced, please check with us one day before shipment Whether it can be delivered normally;

3. Due to the severe epidemic situation in various parts of the country and there are certain uncontrollable factors, the above logistics suspension and retransmission time do not include objective factors such as the epidemic. If the shipment is abnormal/stopped in some areas due to the epidemic, our company will advance Report to your company, brought to you during this period

Please forgive me for the same!

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