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Multiple Organic Silicon Insulation Paints

Jul 8, 2024

There are many types of organic silicon insulation paint, including impregnating paint, organic silicon insulation paint used for bonding mica, organic insulation paint used for impregnating glass cloth, glass cloth wire, glass cloth laminated board and asbestos, and silicon paint for electronic and electrical protection. Impregnating paint is also divided into low-temperature drying paint, solvent-free impregnating paint, and organic resin modified paint. The commonly used insulation materials on the rotor of DC motors include: silicone paint glass cloth tape or silicone paint glass mica tape, silicone paint glass cloth mica sheet, flexible silicone paint mica, soft silicone paint mica plate, glass cloth laminated plate, silicone paint adhesive mica ring, etc;

The insulation materials used in high-temperature motors include: silicone painted glass coil wire, silicone painted glass flexible wire, silicone painted glass mica plate for slot insulation, silicone painted glass cloth sleeve for phase insulation, and silicone painted glass cloth sleeve for wires; The insulation materials used in dry-type transformers include: silicone lacquer mica for flexible winding, silicone lacquer glass mica, silicone lacquer glass cloth laminated plate and isolation laminated plate for iron core insulation cylinder, silicone lacquer glass cloth sleeve for low-voltage interlayer insulation, silicone lacquer flexible mica for high-voltage coils, silicone lacquer glass mica, and silicone lacquer glass laminated plate for high-voltage and low-voltage winding insulation cylinder.

According to its use in insulation materials, organic silicon insulation paints can be divided into the following categories.
  • Coil impregnation paint
  • Solvent based impregnating paint
  • Solvent free impregnating paint
  • Insulation paint for mica bonding
  • Glass cloth and casing impregnation paint
  • Impregnated paint for glass cloth laminates
  • Low temperature or room temperature cured silicone paint
  • Insulation covering enamel, organic silicon silicon steel sheet insulation paint
Coil impregnation paint
Coil impregnation paint is mainly used for impregnating coils, windings, glass fiber wrapped wires, glass cloth and sleeves, and insulation components in H-level and above motor electrical equipment, appliances, transformers, to fill their gaps and micropores. After heating and curing, impregnation paint can form a continuous and flat paint film on the surface of the impregnation material, and bond the coils into a solid whole to improve the heat resistance, insulation, moisture resistance, thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, and mechanical strength of the insulation structure. It accounts for a large proportion in organic silicon insulation paint. The coil impregnation paint requires low viscosity, strong penetration, high solid content, strong adhesion, thick and dry layers that are not easy to bubble, and appropriate elasticity and mechanical strength. The coil impregnation paint is mainly methylphenyl silicone resin, and its product form has two types.

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