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Methylphenyl Silicone Resin Intermediate

May 20, 2020

Due to the introduction of phenyl silicone chain, methyl phenyl silicone resin is superior to methyl silicone resin in terms of mechanical properties, thermal elasticity, adhesion, gloss and compatibility with organic substances and inorganic fillers. It is used as high temperature resistant insulating paint, high temperature resistant adhesive, high temperature resistant molding encapsulant, high temperature resistant coating, ablative material, trapezoid polymer and silicon resin micropowder, etc. It is currently the largest and most widely used silicone resin A variety.

1) Preparation of a methylphenyl silicone resin-based high temperature resistant coating, which belongs to the technical field of organic coating preparation. The methylphenyl silicone resin is used as the base material. The resin is prepared by hydrolyzing and polycondensing processes using methyltrichlorosilane, dimethyldichlorosilane and methylphenyldichlorosilane as hydrolysis raw materials. The process is simple to produce, the resin yield is high, and the pure resin itself has good high and low temperature resistance; the pigment used in the coating is titanium dioxide, the filler is mica powder, talc powder, low melting glass powder, hollow glass microspheres, help The agent is organic bentonite, KH-550, and the solvent is xylene. The organosilicon high temperature resistant coating prepared by the invention is coated on the surface of a substrate, has a fast drying speed at room temperature, a tough coating film, high mechanical strength, and an impact strength of more than 50 mm · ㎝. The coating can withstand 1000 ℃ high temperature for a long time and has a long salt spray resistance.

2) Preparation of an organic silicone adhesive that can be cured at room temperature and can withstand 1500 ° C ablation. It relates to a method for preparing an organic silicone adhesive. It needs to solve the problems of low ablation resistance and difficult curing at room temperature in the existing organic silicone adhesives. Methods: 1. Pre-treat methylphenyl silicone resin; 2. Pre-treat carbon fiber to obtain filler A; 3. Graphite, silicon carbide, zirconium diboride, nickel, tantalum oxide, hafnium diboride and niobium boride for ball milling , To obtain filler B; Fourth, after treatment, methylphenyl silicone resin, filler A, filler B, ethyl orthosilicate and dibutyl tin dilaurate are mixed and cured at room temperature to complete. The organosilicone adhesive in the invention can be cured at room temperature and can withstand 1500 ℃ ablation. It is prepared for practical use and has no risk of storage and curing; the preparation process is simple and the raw materials are widely available; the adhesive can be ablated at 1500 ℃ After 300 seconds, the thermal weight loss does not exceed 1%, and there is still some flexibility after the ablation.

3) Preparation of a graphene organosilicon resin conductive composite material, which belongs to the technical field of conductive materials. The graphene organosilicon resin conductive composite material according to the present invention is prepared by adding graphene and methylphenyl silicone resin to a ball mill and grinding and mixing them uniformly. The weight ratio of graphene to methylphenyl silicone resin is 1 : 20 ~ 500. The silicone resin of the present invention becomes conductive from insulation, which not only has good conductive properties of graphene, but also has excellent weather resistance and heat resistance of the silicone resin, and the present invention uses a specific silicone resin, namely methyl The phenyl silicone resin and the specific ratio further improve the weather resistance and heat resistance, and it is easy to cure, and can be used to prepare conductive coatings, conductive films and other conductive materials. In addition, the graphene organosilicon resin conductive composite material of the present invention has a simple preparation method, is suitable for industrial production, and effectively saves energy consumption and reduces costs.

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