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Methyl Resin Intermediate

May 29, 2020

 1. Main features and uses of the product
      Silicone resin is one of the four categories (silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin, silane coupling agent) products in the silicone product sequence. The difference from silicone oil and silicone rubber composed of difunctional siloxane segments is that The silicone resin is mainly composed of a large number of tri (poly) functional siloxane segments. Therefore, in addition to the same high and low temperature resistance, weather resistance, hydrophobic and moisture resistance, electrical performance, and physiological inertness as silicone oil and silicone rubber, silicone resins can also have higher Heat resistance, better dielectric properties, stronger solvent resistance and weather resistance. The phenyl group in the methylphenyl silicone resin can give the silicone resin better resistance to high and low temperatures, mechanical properties, and compatibility with other materials.
      The first characteristic of silicone resin is that it has excellent heat resistance, it will hardly decompose at 200 ° C or higher, and it can be used in the preparation of various heat-resistant paints. Its heat-resistant insulation grade can reach H level. For example, using silicone trees
      Grease as a base material, silver paint with aluminum powder can be used for a long time under 400 ~ 600C. It can be used in chimneys, steam pipes, exhaust pipes, gas appliances, stoves, ovens, electric heaters, chemical equipment, boilers, engines, Generators, electrical equipment, radiators, etc.
      Compared with ordinary organic resins, silicone resins also have excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, arc resistance, hydrophobic moisture resistance, salt spray resistance, mildew resistance and other properties. For example, coatings modified with more than 20% silicone resin have significantly improved water resistance, yellowing resistance, and reduced gloss.

The performance and application of methyl phenyl silicone resin include the following aspects:
The toluene and xylene solution cured products of methylphenyl polysiloxane have excellent high and low temperature resistance, dielectric properties, good solvent resistance and weathering resistance
Can be widely used as electrical insulation materials, heat-resistant or weather-resistant coatings
Electronic and electrical coatings, printed circuit boards
Used for surface hardening and temperature resistance of silicone glass cloth laminates and sleeves, paint coating paint film
Base material for heat-resistant and weather-resistant paint, high-temperature resistant coating
Impregnation of metal coils and enameled wires

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