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Introduction and Development of Silicone Anti-sticking Agent

Sep 27, 2020

Silicone anti-sticking agent refers to a kind of anti-sticking material with low toxicity, low polarity, low surface tension and immiscibility with organic polymers. It is a kind of anti-sticking agent widely used at present. Silicone anti-sticking agent is currently the most widely used anti-sticking agent, and it is also a kind of organic silicon material with huge market and broad prospects.
There are three types of silicone release agents: solvent type, water emulsion type, and solvent-free type.
The development of silicone release agent conservatively estimates that the output of domestic release paper in 2007 will be at least 4.5 billion m2, and it will increase at an annual rate of 8%. According to the calculation of anti-sticking agent 0.4~1.5 g/m2 of anti-sticking paper, the annual demand of only anti-sticking paper can reach about 6000 tons. This does not include the use of film-based substrates and the amount used in medical ointments, building materials, internal release agents, artificial leather products, and packaging of viscous substances. Due to the great harm of solvent-based silicone anti-sticking agents to the environment and human body, both internationally and domestically have begun to stop development and reduce their use. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the solvent type accounts for about 10% to 20% of the total amount of silicone release agents, the emulsion type accounts for about 10%, and the solvent-free type accounts for more than 60%. The radiation curing type silicone release agent accounts for about Accounted for 10%.
 For many years, due to the constraints of the extensive economic model, industrial production has often ignored objective factors such as environmental protection. Although in recent years my country has paid more and more attention to factors such as environmental protection and sustainable development, many companies have become more and more aware of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development and have introduced and used advanced technologies for production. The country has also actively encouraged Industrial enterprises conduct R&D and application of environmental protection and sustainable development technologies. However, my country's paper industry is relatively backward. Except for newly-built paper mills with internationally advanced technology, most of the paper mills are still at a low technology level that is highly dependent on the environment. Among the silicone anti-sticking agents currently used in China's paper industry, solvent-based silicone anti-sticking agents account for about 60%, so there is still a huge market space for solvent-based silicone anti-sticking agents; emulsion and solvent-free anti-sticking agents The usage amount of each is about 20%; with the continuous enhancement of domestic technology and the continuous improvement and implementation of national environmental protection laws and regulations, the usage of solvent-free and radiation-curable silicone anti-sticking agents will increase and will be extremely The earth promotes the development of the national economy, and the market prospect is very broad.

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