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Heat Resistance of Alkyd Modified Silicone Resin

Jun 17, 2024

The heat resistance of alkyd modified silicone resin is related to the type of alkyd resin used. The effect of different alkyd resins on the heat resistance of modified silicone resin. After mixing heat-resistant fillers (pigments) into modified silicone resin, its usage temperature can be further increased. For example, the use temperature of alkyd modified silicone resin mixed with aluminum powder can be increased from 150 ℃ to 450 ℃.

The heat resistance of modified silicone resin is between that of silicone resin and organic resin, and it increases with the increase of siloxane content in the modified resin, and also changes with different types of organic resin.Taking alkyd modified silicone resin as an example, the thermal weight loss changes at different temperatures can be compared to both silicone resin and alkyd resin (with a paint film thickness of 0.1mm). The gloss retention rate of alkyd modified silicone resin paint film is also between silicone resin and alkyd resin, and increases with the increase of siloxane content.

In industry, steel components used outdoors at high temperatures require heat-resistant coatings, which not only resist heat but also withstand high temperature atmospheric effects. Using organic silicon varnish (K0-829) added with zinc powder as the primer and finish, the test panel can withstand heat at 500 ℃ for 1000 hours, and after 16 hours of heat resistance, the moisture resistance is still basically good, while the test panel without zinc foundation make-up primer will rust on all surfaces, indicating that organic silicon zinc foundation make-up primer has anti-corrosion effect.

In addition, the silicone resin coating has good resistance to mold erosion. Silicone resin, like silicone oil (solidification point -50~-80 ℃) and silicone rubber (with elasticity at -60 ℃), has excellent cold resistance, which is also related to its composition and structure.Due to the weak attraction between organic silicon molecules, they have good low-temperature performance, and the type of organic groups connected to the main chain also affects their cold resistance. For example, introducing phenyl or vinyl groups into polymethyl siloxane can improve its cold resistance.Generally speaking, it is not a problem to use at -50 ℃. Silicone resin has both high and low temperature resistance and can withstand repeated cold and hot impacts at -50~150 ℃, which is difficult to compare with other organic resins.

Silicone resin has outstanding weather resistance, which is unmatched by any organic resin, and is also one of the main characteristics of silicone resin. This is because the main chain of silicone resin is - Si-O -, without double bonds, making it difficult to be decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Moreover, the chain length of the Si-0 bond is approximately twice that of the C-C bond. The longer chain length gives silicone resin better thermal stability, radiation resistance, and weather resistance than other polymer materials. The service life of silicone resin in natural environments can reach several decades.

Methyl silicone resin hardly absorbs ultraviolet light, and phenyl silicone resin only absorbs light below 280nm. Therefore, sunlight (with wavelengths mostly above 300nm) has little effect on silicone resin. Even under strong ultraviolet light irradiation, silicone resin does not turn yellow, does not cause free radical reactions, and is not prone to oxidation reactions. If a paint is made with light resistant pigments and silicone resin as the base material, its color can remain unchanged for several years.

The silicone resin paint film with Qinbai powder as the pigment does not experience powdering even after being exposed to the atmosphere for two years. Of course, in order to obtain a silicone paint film with good gloss and clean surface, it is necessary to fully crosslink the paint film.

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