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Development and Production of High-Performance Silicone Insulation Materials and Paints

Jul 5, 2024

The development and production of high-performance silicone insulation materials and paints can meet the special needs of the electrical industry for high temperature resistance, high insulation, and other properties. Compared with motors of the same power, motors made of organic silicon insulation materials have a weight reduction of 35% to 40%, and reduce the consumption of materials such as copper and silicon steel sheets.

Organic silicon insulation materials play an extremely important role in the manufacturing of motors and electrical equipment. The initial motors and electrical equipment, due to technological limitations, used insulation materials such as cloth, silk, paper, as well as insulation coatings made of dry oil and rosin or asphalt.The equipment made is bulky, bulky, with small capacity and low power; With the development of science and technology, various industries have put forward new requirements for various electrical equipment, which should be resistant to high voltage, high frequency, high temperature, and can be used in various harsh environments (such as high humidity, various chemical corrosive media, radiation, etc.); It also requires small size, light weight, large capacity, high power, long service life, and ensuring safe operation, which poses a challenge to the new functions of insulation materials.

Silicone resin insulation material has excellent high-temperature insulation properties, with a usage temperature of 180-200 ° C. It can be used for a long time at 180 ° C. Its heat resistance level is 180 ° C, and it belongs to the H-class insulation material. In some cases, it can be increased to 250-300 ° C. And the organic silicon insulation paint has excellent electrical insulation performance, with a dielectric strength of 50kV/mm, a volume resistivity of 1011-101s. 0, • cm, a dielectric constant of 3, and a dielectric loss angle tangent of about 10-3. These properties can be used in a wide temperature range (C-50~250 ° C), and can be used in high and low frequency ranges. At the same time, it has excellent characteristics such as moisture resistance, waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, radiation resistance, ozone resistance, corona resistance, flame retardant, and non-toxic.

Its electrical performance is not only better than other organic coatings at high temperatures, but also at low temperatures. Another characteristic of it is that when it is damaged at high temperatures, it generally does not burn, the residue is S-core, and does not form coke and conduct electricity. Organosilicon can be used in conjunction with heat-resistant insulation materials such as mica, glass fiber, and glass cloth to meet the increasing temperature requirements of industrial sectors such as spacecraft, aircraft, and electronics for electronic components.

Silicone resin insulation materials are usually organic silicone varnish, which refers to silicone resin liquid without adding pigments, fillers, and other components. It can also be enamel, which can be either high-temperature curing type or low-temperature curing type. It has two types: one is a pure silicone paint with only siloxane chains as the skeleton, and the other is a modified silicone paint with carbon chains on the skeleton, combined with thermosetting organic resins, organic silicon modified epoxy resin and organic silicon modified polyester. Although pure resin is not easily decomposed, discolored, or carbonized at high temperatures, compared to general organic resins, its adhesion to substrates such as metals, plastics, and rubber is poor. These drawbacks can be improved by copolymerization or partial blending with organic resins.

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