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Classification of Silicone Resins-Divided by Main Chain Structure

Mar 14, 2023

There are many ways to classify silicone resins, which can be classified in different forms.
Divided by main chain structure
According to the molecular chain composition of silicone resin, it can be divided into pure silicone resin and modified silicone resin:
That is, the pure silicone resin is a typical polysiloxane structure, and its side group is H or organic group. According to the different types of organic substituents connected on the silicon atom, the pure silicone resin can be subdivided into: methyl silicone resin, phenyl silicone resin, methyl phenyl silicone resin, MQ silicone resin, vinyl silicone resin, additive silicone resin, etc.

Pure silicone resin is mainly prepared from MeSiC'3, Me-centered Cl2, PhSiCb, Ph-centered Cl2 and other monomers. According to the purpose of use, it is prepared by using one monomer or a mixture of several monomers for hydrolytic polycondensation, or by calcination and then hydrolytic polycondensation. During hydrolysis polycondensation, the substituent of monomer and the degree of reticulation (R/S ratio) will affect the performance of the resin. The number of M and T chain links can adjust the elasticity and curing performance of cured silicone resin; The introduction of phenyl can not only improve the heat resistance, elasticity and compatibility with pigments of silicone resin, but also improve its compatibility with organic resin and adhesion with substrate; It is easier to feel the effect of peroxide catalyst by introducing vinyl, and silicone resin that can be cured at lower temperature can be obtained.

Modified silicone resin
In order to improve the performance of pure silicone resin and expand its application field, carbon functional groups are often introduced into the side groups of silicone resin molecules or modified by organic polymers. The modified silicone resin is polysiloxane fired with hybrid thermosetting and other organic resins or modified polysiloxane fired with other silica fired and carbon-functional silica fired (silica fired). For example, organosilicon alkyd resin paint (with good heat resistance and weather resistance, often mixed curing catalyzed by organic acid metal salt); Silicone polyurethane paint (the film is tough, has good curing property, and is not easy to change color when heated); Silicone acrylic paint (good water and chemical resistance); Silicone epoxy paint (good heat and acid resistance); Organosilicon polyurethane paint (cured at room temperature with isoperamide, good weather and acid resistance).

The cured product of pure silicone resin has the ability to resist decomposition, discoloration and carbonization at high temperature, but its adhesion to metal, plastic, rubber and other substrates is poor compared with organic resin. On the other hand, the organic resin paint is not as good as the silicone resin in terms of heat resistance and weather resistance. In order to give full play to the excellent performance of organic silicone resin and organic resin (organic polymer) and make up for their respective performance defects, the silicone resin modified by organic resin was developed.

Silibase Silicone is a professional manufacturer. After several years of study and research, Silibase Silicone D&P develop a wide range of Silicone Resins. Product Lists as below:

1) Methyl Silicone Resin;
2) Methylphenyl Silicone Resin;
3) Modified Silicone Resin;
4) Specility Silicone Resins;

Silibase Silicone Resin series products have these properties: high temperature resistance, good electrical insulation, resistant to moisture waterproof, fire retardant, anti-corrosion and so on. Silibase Silicone Resin series products are widely used in the aerospace industry, household appliances, electronics, electrical machinery, chemicals, modified metal oxide, mica insulation materials industries and others.

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