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Chinese Factory Supply Dispersible Silicone Additive Product Of Q2-3238

Sep 7, 2023

Product Name: Dispersible Silicone Additive
Item No.: SlibaseDSA-3238

SlibaseDSA-3238 is a dispersion of high molecular weight siloxane in water, suitable for various water-based coatings and ink systems.
SlibaseDSA-3238 can greatly improve the scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and anti-blocking properties of water-based coatings and inks, and the surface dry and slippery effect.
SlibaseDSA-3238 is especially suitable for water-based paint, water-based ink and other systems.
The amount of addition varies according to different use systems, generally 0.1-1% of the total, and can be added at any stage of production.

Good slip characteristics
Imparts soft hand to leather surface
Excellent abrasion resistance
Improves water repellency

Technical Parameters:
Ingredients: siloxane dispersion
Appearance: Paste
Activity: 60%
Solvent: water

Introduction: SlibaseDSA-3238 is one Dispersible Silicone Additive with High molecular weight silicone dispersion additive that improves softness, abrasion resistance, water repellency of Leather topcoats.

It can reduce friction coefficient, prevent adhesion and improve wear resistance.
As an additive it is often compatible with acrylics and polyurethanes
Improves softness, and wear resistance
Dispersible in both water and solvent systems; suitable solvents include alcohols

The paste is very viscous and needs to be mixed with water several times to dilute the liquid, the paste is completely dispersed, and then added to the paint and ink for use. There is no limit to the amount of
water added, it is generally recommended to add water at a ratio of 1:1. Diluent is not suitable for long-term storage, and it is forbidden to mix with alcohol solvents.

Characteristics: ★★★★★represents the best ★represents the worst


Wetting power

Recoat ability



Low foam stability











Packaging and storage requirements:
200kgs plastic drum. Sealed storage, storage period at least 12 months at room temperature.

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