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China Produce Silicone Toughening Agent Equivalent Of Kane Ace™ MX 950

Sep 7, 2023

Product Name: Silicone Toughening Agent
Item No.: SilibaseSMX-0950P

At present, the toughening agents used in China mainly include MBS and CPE. Both types of products have their own advantages and disadvantages in PVC.
When the addition score is the same, MBS is added to PVC products in a sea island form to give them toughness, but due to the presence of butadiene, the heat resistance and aging resistance are relatively poor;
CPE is added to PVC products in a linear winding form to give them toughness, but its toughening effect is worse than that of MBS, and its heat resistance and aging resistance are still acceptable. PMX150 is added to PVC products in the form of a sea island. When subjected to external force impact, these elastic balls undergo spheroidization, trigger the generation of silver lines and front cut bands, absorb impact energy, and endow PVC products with significant toughness:
At the same time, the glass transition temperature of SilibaseSMX-0150P core reaches 45 ℃, and the low-temperature impact strength and toughness are more significant;
In addition, the PMX series contains ester functional groups, and the main functional group of ultraviolet absorbers is the ester functional group, which results in significant aging resistance.
The silicone impact modifier SilibaseSMX-0950P contains silicone monomers, which have a significant flame retardant effect and have significantly improved toughening, impact strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, and aging resistance.

Introduction: SilibaseSMX-0950P silicone toughening agent is one Efficient additive for PVC and for thermosetting resins (primarily epoxy resins), a concentrate comprising nano-sized core-shell rubber particles dispersed in liquid media. It enhances toughness and durability without the loss of heat resistance of the resin. It is used in structural adhesives for automotive and in carbon fiber reinforced plastics for aerospace, contributing to superior toughness and lighter weight, also is used in electronic components such as cupper-clad laminates for improved reliability with high crack resistance.

Technical index:




White flowing powder

Apparent density

(grams/cubic centimeter)


Volatile matter (%)


40 Target Passing Rate (%)


Ash content (remaining material in a 650 ℃ muffle furnace for 1.5 hours)%


Composites (aircraft, FRP pipes, sporting goods)
Vinyl ester
Electronic materials

The PVC toughening agent PMX series resin is an elastic resin independently developed by our company, which is cross-linked and polymerized with acrylic ester as the main raw material;
SilibaseSMX-0950P, a silicone impact modifier used for functional plastics and general plastics, is based on SilibaseSMX-0150P resin. The core layer introduces several silicone monomers as the main raw material, the core layer is cross-linked acrylic rubber body, and the shell layer mainly consists of multiple layers of acrylic hard monomer core-shell structure resin, which can give PVC resin products good toughening effect, impact strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, and aging resistance. Silicone impact modifier SilibaseSMX-0950P can also endow functional plastics and general plastics with excellent flame retardancy.

Core shell rubber in unmodified, liquid epoxy resin based on Bisphenol-A. Acts as toughening agent. It is stable and the CSR remains completely dispersed under normal handling, formulating and curing conditions. The concentrate can be mixed or diluted with a variety of epoxy resins and diluents. The resulting coating exhibits improved fracture toughness, lap shear strength, and durability without sacrificing glass transition temperature or other thermal properties related to the cross-link density. It is also free of ionic and organic contaminants. It is compatible with typical cold, warm and hot curing agents for coatings.

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