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Advantages and Characteristics of Silicone Mold Release Agent

Nov 30, 2020

The silicone mold release agent is an "oil-in-water" type silicone oil and water emulsion made by emulsifying and grinding silicone oil. Keep the mold surface lubricated, reduce mold loss, and save mold maintenance and repair costs.

1. Silicone mold release agent is a new type of product developed mainly for the mold release of silicone rubber accessories, trademark rubber molds, and silicone keys. It has the characteristics of excellent mold release, smooth product surface, and no pollution.
2. It is not easy to contaminate the mold, reduce the number of times of cleaning the mold, and easy secondary processing.
3. Reduce the defective rate of molded products.
4. Just apply a thin layer, it will not accumulate in the corners, so the accuracy of the size can be improved
5. The release agent is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, does not hurt the skin, and is harmless to the human body.
6. Due to the extremely low surface tension and superior thermal stability, it can be widely used in severe temperatures, because this product has extremely high stability and safety, and it is not irritating and harmful at all, so you can use it with confidence .
7. The product has the characteristics of easy dispersion, low addition ratio, etc., and can also improve the bonding effect of the product. The product can also be used for food-grade products.

Physical and chemical properties
Colorless transparent liquid, white paste, content 3% (fluorine) specific gravity (25oC) 1.01PH10 diluted solvent water, the most appropriate dilution ratio is 3-5 times.
1. Appearance: milky white liquid
2. Main ingredients: Silicone Oil and special surfactant
3. Ionicity: non-ionic
4. PH value: 6.5~7
5. Solubility: easily soluble in cold water
6. Specific gravity: 0.985
1 It still retains the original viscosity when the temperature changes drastically, is not easy to be oxidized, and is not easy to react with most chemical substances.
2. It is easy to dilute, easy to use, and it is still very stable when the mold temperature is high.

Dilute it with water according to the required concentration, and then directly spray it with a spray gun or apply it evenly on the mold with a brush/rag.

1. Avoid high temperature, direct sunlight, keep away from fire, strong acid substances, metal oxides, amine substances and flammable materials. It is suitable for storage in a ventilated place at room temperature (preferably below 25°C).
2. Strictly control the proportion of addition. If the proportion of this product is too much, it is easy to produce blooming phenomenon and seriously affect the appearance. If the product produces this phenomenon, it can be eliminated by boiling, secondary vulcanization and other methods.

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