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Hair Finishing Agent Silibase-ZC001

Technical Data Sheet
Product Name: Hair Finishing Agent
Item No.: Silibase-ZC001
Introduction: Silibase-ZC001 Hair Finishing Agent is special silicone complex, applied in handle feeling finishing of pure wool wearing. It can obtain excellent smooth, bulky and soft handle feeling. 
Basic Characters:
Appearance: white latex
Ionic: weak cation
PH Value: 6-7
Dissolution: can dissolve in the water in any proportion
Handle feeling finish of hairs
How to use: 
Before you use it, please dilute by water into 10-20 Times. For example, you can dilute this  0.5KGS into 7.5KGS by water, then spray to the hair backwards and forwards several times to make sure covered completely , then comb the hair, then wash it with water after half hour or one hour.

The product will have layered phenomenon during the storage. Stirring to the uniform before   
the usage


50KGS or 200KGS/Plastic barrel


Store in cool and ventilated warehouse. 12 moths of storage period
Avoid exposure in the sun and frost in the winter. 
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