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Why should defoamers be made of water?

Nov 8, 2019

Why should defoamers be made of water? For this problem, we must first understand the application of aqueous defoamers and what are the excellent properties. Due to the wide range of applications of aqueous defoamers, almost all industries in the light and heavy industry are defoaming. For example, for example, metalworking fluids, cleaning, adhesives, desulfurization and other industries, such as defoaming and foam suppression. Defoamers are actually upgraded like mobile phones, and aqueous defoamers are often improved and upgraded for many years. So, what are the outstanding effects of the excellent water-based defoamer? Here is a detailed introduction by experts in the Defeng defoamer industry.
For the time being, many harmful foams are usually produced during industrial production, which is unavoidable and requires the addition of antifoaming agents. So the question is, how to choose a defoamer with a wide range of applications and excellent performance? For example: water treatment, metal processing, petrochemical refining defoamer can only be applied in the corresponding industry is more effective; but for other industries it seems helpless! The aqueous defoamer is a new type of excellent defoamer that combines the advantages of the above problems.
Aqueous defoamer is an emulsifier and stability which is selected from the group consisting of special modified polyethers and fluorine-containing raw materials through special processes to form a main component and can combine silicone oil with polyether organically. Defoamer composed of equal components, with low surface tension, rapid defoaming, long foam suppression time, high temperature resistance, easy dispersion in water, good compatibility with liquid, low cost, low dosage and wide application range. . The aqueous defoaming agent also takes into consideration the excellent effects of defoaming and foam suppression.
Due to the excellent properties of aqueous defoamers, it plays an important role in the defoaming agent industry and is widely used in many industries. This is one of the reasons why major manufacturers choose. Of course! Choosing a manufacturer of defoamers with research and development capabilities can solve some potential uncertainties for the majority of users.

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