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What is the principle of anti-graffiti additives

Mar 27, 2020

The principle of anti-graffiti is divided into two types, one is realized by the filling of nano-materials, and the other is realized by low surface tension substances such as silicone and fluorine. The latter is more commonly used and is easier to add to ordinary coatings. It is easy to apply, and there is also a reactive silicone additive that directly participates in the curing of the film-forming substance, thereby obtaining a permanent anti-graffiti effect.For example, the reactive silicone additive 2125 of Shanghai Tiger Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. is a permanent Anti-graffiti additives.
Has excellent hydrophobicity and oleophobicity, and has good anti-sticking function
Super hydrophobicity, effectively prevent moisture penetration, keep the paint film dry at all times, reduce the growth of mold, and increase the service life of the paint film
Strong scrub resistance, easy to clean, fast and convenient construction
The surface of the paint film is smooth, smooth, good fullness and bright in color
Super weather resistance, good film flexibility, strong adhesion, high hardness

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