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What is the performance of silicone wax?

Jul 27, 2020

Performance characteristics:
Silicone wax is a waxy material made by grafting organosilicon siloxane with other organic materials. It has moderate hardness, lipophilic, hydrophobic, smooth, soft and shiny effects.
Technical index:
Appearance: white waxy solid
Flash point (℃): ≥100
Specific gravity (25℃): 0.85±0.02
Softening point (℃): 58-63
1. It can be used to make lipsticks and cosmetic conditioners, which can replace palm wax. It has lubricating, waterproof, soft and brightening effects.
2. Used in skin care cosmetics, it is smooth, soft, easy to wipe, and comfortable. The dosage is 0.5-3%.
3. Car beauty and furniture brightness enhancement: using this product to polish cars or metal structural parts can reduce friction and keep the brightness lasting. Leather, wooden, metal furniture and appliances can be brightened, easy to wipe, and feel comfortable.
4. Other unfinished and undeveloped applications.
When compounding, 1~5% is generally added to the system, and other applications refer to this.
The hardness of this product is quite different in summer and winter.
Packaging, storage and transportation:
Packing: This product is packed in 50㎏ plastic drum;
Storage: This product should be sealed and stored at room temperature to avoid rain and sun;
Transportation: Store and transport as non-dangerous goods.

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