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What is the function of slippery silicone oil?

Aug 3, 2020

It is a new generation of amino-modified self-crosslinking silicone softener. It is specially used for the soft finishing of cotton, polyester-cotton, linen and their blended fabrics. Other high-grade knitted and woven fabrics can also get good results.
1. This product is a colorless and transparent liquid, and the emulsion particles are relatively fine, so the permeability is better, so that the finished fabric can achieve a good finishing effect with a soft inside and a smooth outside and a plump and thick finish.
2. This product contains self-crosslinking active groups, without high temperature catalysis, you can get a long-lasting, washable and smooth effect.
Use process:
Pad-rolling method: 10-30G/L, temperature 30-40℃, two-pip two-rolling or one-pip one-rolling, rolling residual rate 60-70%.
Dipping method: 2-5%(o.w.f), bath ratio 1:10-15, temperature 30-40℃, time 20-30 minutes.
wrapping method
120kg plastic drum lined with transparent plastic bag. Store in a cool and dark place to avoid heat and sun exposure, and cover it immediately after opening to avoid deterioration.

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