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What is silicone oil? What is the use?

Nov 26, 2019

Silicone oil Can it cause cancer? What kind of demons can we see in care products, silica, and silicone oil? Since the development of industry, in fact, many raw materials are safe and have made important contributions to safety.
Silicone oil
Silicone oil is called polysiloxane and belongs to the polymer. Silicone oil began to be used in cosmetics in 1950, and developed rapidly in cosmetics after 1970. Silicone oil-containing cosmetics have the following characteristics: good lubricity, can form a uniform waterproof protective film on the skin, no greasy and sticky feeling, good gloss; good UV resistance, will not cause oxidative deterioration and skin irritation under the action of UV ; Good antistatic and dustproof effect; good air permeability, does not affect the discharge of sweat after film formation; good stability and chemical inertia and matching performance.
Silicone oil has been playing a vague role, and people's misunderstanding of silicone oil mainly comes from some advertisements. However, the editor is responsible for telling everyone that there is no evidence that silicone oil is teratogenic and carcinogenic, and that silicone oil cannot "clog holes" as some speculate. For people with dry hair, silicone oil can attach to the pores of the hair scales, making the surface of the hair smooth and smooth, which is good news to stay away from disaster. Do you think silicone oil is so good that you don't like products that claim to be free of silicone oil?
Many people think of silica when they think of stones. How can they be used in cosmetics? In fact, in cosmetics, we often come into contact with fumed silica with small particle size and uniform particle size distribution, which has high activity and wide application prospects. In recent years, with the increasing awareness of fumed silica, it has been widely used in personal care products such as skin care products, sunscreens, cosmetics, antiperspirants, hair care products, bath lotions, facial cleansers and the like. In particular, it solves the problem of suspension of solid particles in the formula, and gives the system more excellent characteristics, making it one of the necessary raw materials for high-end skin care products, liquid foundation, mascara, and lip gloss.
Specifically, in the field of cosmetics and eye care, including dense powders, foundations, blushers, eye shadows, eyebrows and eyeliners, etc., fumed silica is a highly effective anti-sticking agent and dispersant, which can improve the performance of powder products. Storage stability and dispersion. In emulsions, silicon dioxide is particularly suitable for increasing the viscosity of emulsions, improving the water resistance of creams and emulsions, and reducing the amount of surfactants used. In sunscreen products, silicon dioxide can improve storage stability, especially the water resistance of the formula. In addition, the distribution of sunscreen substances in the formula can be more uniform, thereby improving the sun protection index.
In addition, as a natural mineral, silica is also added to many nutritional supplements, such as protein powder, capsules, and so on. Its anti-caking effect is to wrap the food particles and keep the food in the best free flowing state, so as to achieve the purpose of separating powder. At the same time, the silica encapsulated in the food particles can effectively absorb the surrounding humid air, and prevent the hot and humid agglomeration of the food during storage. There must be an elf asking: Is silicon dioxide in food harmful to the human body? In fact, silica is an officially recognized food additive ("GB2760 / 2014 Food Additive Use Standard"). When used as an anti-caking agent, the amount of silica is small, so there is no need to worry about side effects.

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