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What is silicone oil? What is the harm?

Dec 31, 2019

Silicone oil generally refers to linear silicone products that remain liquid at room temperature. Generally divided into methyl silicone oil and modified silicone oil. The most commonly used silicone oil, methyl silicone oil, also known as ordinary silicone oil, all of its organic groups are methyl, methyl silicone oil has good chemical stability, insulation, and good hydrophobic properties. It is made from dimethyl dichlorosilane and hydrolyzed to obtain an initial polycondensation ring body. The ring body is cracked and rectified to obtain a low-ring body. A mixture of different polymerization degrees can be obtained by removing low-boiling substances through distillation under reduced pressure.
Harmfulness of silicone oil:
(1) The lubricity of silicone oil is not good, especially the lubricity of steel-steel friction pair is poor.
(2) The thermal expansion coefficient of silicone oil is large (overpressure problems may occur).
(3) The gas solubility is large (it is difficult to design a gas seal device).
(4) Certain hygroscopicity (after the water content is higher than 100 × 10-6, the electrical performance drops sharply).
(5) Low surface tension (easy to leak from the machine).

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