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What is high temperature silicone oil, what is the chemical name, high temperature silicon?

Nov 7, 2019

Many customers are very entangled. High-temperature silicone oil is just a general name. What is he? What is the chemical name of high-temperature silicone oil? In fact, this is a problem that is not necessary to explore. High-temperature silicone oil has three kinds in our company: hydrolysis High quality methyl silicone oil, aryl modified methyl silicone oil, phenyl methyl silicone oil, these three flash points are 320 ° C, 350 ° C, 380 ° C, if you ask the high temperature silicone oil for a long time, this is a The problem of the point is difficult to answer. You can only figure out that the long time you are talking about is a specific number of hours or days. The manufacturer does not test the volatiles in each time period. standard. So far, domestic high-temperature silicone oil has no national standard, because it is a general term, but it is certain that if it is for high temperature resistance within a few hours, the highest temperature of these three products is about: 260 ° C , 290 ° C, and 320 ° C.
     The following is a brief introduction to the most commonly used high temperature oil bath silicone oil, because the most used place for high temperature silicone oil is the oil bath oil tank control temperature, and occasionally high temperature meter use (in fact, the principle is the same as high temperature oil bath silicone oil).
First, the product introduction:
This product is a linear modified polydimethylsiloxane fluid with a trimethylsiloxy group as a terminal group. The appearance is colorless and transparent, and its chemical composition is linear polymethylsiloxane.
Our high-temperature oil bath silicone oil and foreign DC-200, GE-9981, KF-96, Silicone Fluids AK and other products are similar products.
Second, the performance:
     Oil bath silicone oil has excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance and low temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -50 to 280 °C. It has strong shear resistance and is 20 times higher compressibility than general mineral oil. Ideal liquid spring; low temperature viscosity, low vapor pressure, low surface tension, good water and lubricity; excellent electrical properties, high breakdown voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance, dielectric loss; It has the advantages of good light transmission and no toxic effect on the human body.
Third, the main purposes: widely used in electrical boiler equipment high temperature resistance, such as the excellent characteristics of this product, so that in the industrial and agricultural production, national defense, scientific research and medical and health departments have been widely used, mainly for electrical insulation, off Mould, defoaming, damping shockproof, hydraulic, dustproof, waterproof and high and low temperature lubrication.
1. Widely used as insulation medium for temperature resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and dust resistance on boilers, oil tanks, motors, electrical appliances and electronic instruments. It is also used as a transformer and capacitor oil to reduce the size of the transformer, increase the power, improve safety and pollution.
2. Used as anti-shock damping oil. Widely used in instrumentation, buffer dampers, shock absorbers, torsional vibration shock absorbers in automotive internal combustion engines, circuit breakers for overload relays, buffer fluids in circuit breakers, shock absorption in automotive, aircraft ammeters, speedometers, etc. oil. This product is used as a liquid spring. It has small volume and light weight. It can withstand a large impact force in a wide temperature range and can be used as a vibration absorber for aircraft or missile landing gear.
3. As a surface treatment agent. Applying about 10% of this product solution or emulsion to glass, ceramic, metal surface, and then heat treatment at 150 ~ 300 °C can form a semi-permanent waterproof, mildewproof and insulating film. It can also be used for waterproofing paper, leather, building materials and fabrics.
Fourth, packaging and storage:
1. This product should be stored in a clean, sealed, lead-free or tin alloy container to avoid contact with acids, alkalis and other impurities. Do not touch open flames.
2. This product is stored and transported in accordance with non-dangerous goods.
3. Under the conditions of 1 package and storage, the product has a storage period of three years from the date of production. Products that exceed the storage period can be re-inspected and can still be used after passing the test.
4. This product is packed in 950 kg stainless steel drum, or 200 kg iron plastic drum or 50 kg, 25 kg plastic drum.

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