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To prevent the insulation performance of the role

Jul 14, 2017

White carbon black silicone paste

White carbon black silicone paste usingsilica thickened silicone paste products, with very good heat resistance,dielectric properties, oxidation resistance. Over a wide temperature rangeconsistency changes little, little change in electrical properties. By varyingthe silicone oil, white carbon species such as the addition amount of thesilicone paste can be formulated for various uses.

Electrical insulation, sealing withsilicone paste, is mainly used for electrical insulation applications,including electrical and electronic equipment, high-voltage insulators,vehicles, switching devices, and household appliances. Coating or surfaceconnection between the parts of the insulating material, serves to preventmoisture, foreign body contamination, prevent performance degradation ofinsulation effect. Specific applications such as aircraft, automotive sparkplugs, cables and other connecting parts, various measuring instruments toprevent surface leakage currents and moisture. Prevent the rubber beingbifurcated corona discharge transistor moisture filling to prevent condensationof water vapor and other instrument contacts. Electrically insulated withsilicone paste is also widely used in antifouling coating coastal areas,industrial and mining areas, railway Strip transmission line insulator.Silicone oil paste coated electrical insulator attached to the surface whendust or salt, silicone paste layer anoeba can play the role of silicone pasteon the surface of silicone oil oozing moderate attachment surface is covered,and rendered hydrophobic. So that the insulator surface to be protected, tomaintain long-term electrical insulation to prevent arcing accident.