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The use of silicone, want to know? All here...

Aug 2, 2019

When it comes to silicone, many people can't figure it out. "Is it related to silicon. I have only heard of Silicon Valley. I know that silicon is used on computers. What is the meaning of silicone? I really haven't heard it." When some people hear silicone, the first reaction is like this.
 Indeed, silicones are not as widely known as plastics, metals, etc., but in our lives, they are as versatile as other materials.
Today, let's talk about the chemical formula, not the technology, let us talk about the silicone in our production life.
Military use
In other words, the exploration and research of organosilicon compounds can be traced back to the 18th century. However, the rapid development of silicones was due to the use of special materials for military equipment such as airplanes, rockets, and tanks in the Second World War. Silicone is a typical semi-inorganic semi-organic polymer material with unique properties of high and low temperature resistance, oxygen resistance, light resistance and weathering resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in aircraft structural parts, resistors, and radio electronic equipment. Surface sealing, etc.
Just saying this is not intuitive enough, let's look at an example. When Germany entered the former Soviet Union, it was in the harsh winter of a hundred years. All the tanks and armored equipment in the Soviet Union and Germany became a pile of scrap iron due to the freezing of oil and gas required for operation. In the face of this harsh situation, Soviet scientists found that a mixture of matter and oil can prevent freezing, thus occupying an advantage in the war against Germany. This substance is what we call silicone oil today.
"This is just a small step for me, but it is a big step for the whole human race." This sentence is familiar to the people of the world with the success of the US 1969 moon landing. American astronaut Armstrong stays on the surface of the moon. The first footprint of human beings was born, and the soles of the boots he wore at that time were made of silicone rubber produced by Dow Corning!
Of course, today, silicone materials are more widely used in aerospace, and instrumental oils, damping oils, special hydraulic oils, and advanced coatings are all inseparable from silicone materials.
Just as many technology products are due to military wars and are popular in life, so are silicone materials! Due to its excellent performance, silicone materials are quickly applied to all aspects of production and life after World War II! It can be said that we will open our glasses in the morning and go to bed at night, and we will deal with silicone products all day long.
The use of silicone in cosmetics began with the hand cream produced by Dow Corning in 1950. Today, silicones have been successfully applied in cosmetics, such as perfumes, hair waxes, hair conditioners, lipsticks, shaving creams, deodorant, eye shadow, nail polish and sunscreen.

In the morning shower, the silicone oil contained in the shampoo and conditioner makes our hair smoother. The silicone oil contained in the skin cream applied to the face can cover the skin with a very thin tulle mask. It achieves the effect of retaining moisture and protecting the skin; oily foundation, nail polish, sunscreen, and eyeshadow contain cyclic dimethyl siloxane, which does not have a cool feeling when volatilized, and has no residue.

In recent years, the application of silicone in the field of daily chemical industry has developed rapidly, and it has become one of the main beams of silicone applications. Almost all personal care products contain silicone-containing products, and such highly functional functional materials continue to expand their applications with the advent of new products. Due to its easy-to-adjust functional properties and excellent sensory properties, and its use in environmental and consumer safety, it is increasingly being used to partially or completely replace organic materials in cosmetics and toiletries. Useful ingredients.

The towels used to wipe the body, the clothes we wear, and the textiles we wear are also inseparable from silicone materials.
Polydimethylsiloxane is the earliest silicone for printing and dyeing auxiliaries, which greatly improves the washing durability of clothes. Hydroxypolysiloxane improves the wrinkle resistance of clothes. Polyether modified silicone improves the fabric. Antistatic ability. The fluorine-based modified silicone softener has the effect of dyeing and deepening the fabric!
Therefore, the softness of the towel, the smoothness of the shirt, the antistatic of the clothes, etc. depend on the powerful silicone material.
After the wash, a fine breakfast is served. If you think that catering and silicone should always be irrelevant, it is a big mistake.
A friend who goes to eat barbecue must be familiar with the oil paper on the electric stove. Why can a piece of paper be baked on a stove of such high temperature? It is because the silicone resin is brushed on it, it is non-sticky, waterproof and oil-proof. And high heat resistance (230 ° C) and other characteristics.
When you go to the bakery to buy bread, you will put a layer of paper on the plate. This type of paper is brushed with food grade silicone oil to prevent adhesion.
 The bottle used to feed the child is a silicone rubber nipple, and the baby spoon is also a food grade silicone. In addition, there are many aspects of the diet that use silicone materials.
After washing, eating breakfast, we drove to work. Of course, as one of the main vehicles of modern times, it is also the place where silicone materials are used.
Automotive tires made of room temperature vulcanized silica gel have stronger aging resistance, chemical resistance, good elasticity and no pollution; silicone sealant can ensure better air tightness and transparency of the lamp; gel potting material It is the most important glue in automotive electronic devices, protecting engine control modules, ignition coils, and rectifiers; silicone additives can reduce the friction coefficient in PC/ABS components for a long time and avoid noise in the car cockpit. A car contains at least about 3 kilograms of siloxane.
Drive to the unit and enter the modern office building, then you are entering the embrace of silicone materials. The blue shiny glass curtain wall is so strong attached to the wall because of the powerful power of glass glue! The application of silicone sealant in construction is more extensive, and the exterior wall caulking and aluminum alloy door and window oil injection will use silicone materials.
 At the same time, silicone materials are also used in waterproof construction. For example, silicone emulsion can be used as a surface treatment agent for surface treatment of building materials such as brick, tile, natural stone, gypsum, cement, ceramics, etc., as well as basement, swimming pool, Waterproof treatment of water towers, tunnels, etc.
High temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, moisture resistance, extreme temperature resistance, chemical resistance and other characteristics can ensure that the building has a good sealing effect of more than ten years in the case of wind and rain.
Electric device
When I got to the office and started my day's work, you used a lot of office supplies and also used silicone materials. Silicone sealants are used in various structural adhesive seals and LED lamp packages for computer devices.
Silicones provide a complete sealing function to protect extremely sensitive electronic components and components from external contamination or movement. This is important to ensure the long-term stability and performance of many electronic products. In addition, silicone materials do not corrode and do not self-ignite, meeting the most stringent safety and purity requirements in the production and manufacture of electronic products.
Silicone isolation helps protect circuits in TVs, computers, and video displays from heat, dirt, and dust. At the same time, silicones are ideal for high voltage applications and can insulate both underground and underground cables and power lines.
As electronic devices become thinner, smaller, and faster, the outstanding physical properties of silicones make it possible to perform in new applications: high temperature and low temperature stability, excellent insulation, strength, Elasticity and toughness, moisture resistance, chemical stability, UV resistance and other environmentally friendly properties can bond and protect a variety of materials.
Medical treatment
People are not a stone, it is inevitable that they will occasionally get a small illness. When going to the hospital for medical treatment, we will use a lot of medical equipment. Among these equipments, silicone also has a big skill! Silicone rubber materials have good biocompatibility, including physiological inertness and non-toxicity, and are in contact with human tissues, which are not easy to cause adverse reactions. Therefore, silicone rubber has a wide range of applications in the medical field. At present, silicone rubber is mainly used in medical equipment, oral materials, artificial organs, and tissue substitutes.
The most representative are medical catheters, such as gastric tubes, decompression tubes, capillary drainage tubes, abdominal drainage tubes, and catheters. Silicone rubber can also be used as a soft lining, impression material, and the like. At the same time, silicone rubber can also be used as a substitute for artificial organs and tissues, such as artificial breasts, artificial ears and the like. Contact lenses like ours are also made of silicone rubber.
In addition to silicone rubber, silicone oil is widely used in the medical field. When a patient performs a gastroscope, he or she will drink a liquid, and the liquid contains silicone oil. Because the stomach cavity and the intestine contain a lot of air bubbles and mucous membranes, and the silicone oil has a defoaming effect, the gastroscopy can be made more accurate.
Now I know how wide the use of silicone is, and in addition to the application areas mentioned in the text, silicone materials are also used in exploration, oil treatment, sports and other fields. It is also because silicone has such a wide range of uses, silicone has become "industrial MSG"!

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