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The role of wetting agents in coatings

Mar 25, 2020

Coating wetting agents are divided into substrate wetting agents and wetting and dispersing agents. Among them, substrate wetting agents are used to improve the surface tension and permeability of coatings, so that they can better wet the substrate, thereby improving The adhesion of the coating, especially for improving the adhesion of the primer to the substrate, is widely used. Generally, it is some fluorocarbon or fluorocarbon modified ionic or non-ionic substances or other materials that can improve the substrate wetting. Material, domestic manufacturers of this product have done a good job;
     In addition to this function, wetting and dispersing agents for coatings also have the most important function of assisting in dispersing and anti-settling of fillers and pigments. It can help powders and fillers in paints to disperse and disperse in coatings. Assist paint anti-settling agent in subsequent anti-settling. In anti-settling after coating thinning, the anti-settling effect of wetting and dispersing agent is far more important than anti-settling agent. Therefore, wetting and dispersing agents are very important additives in coatings. Representative products that can be used for solvent-based coatings include BYK-103 from BYK, EFKA-4010 from Ciba, etc.

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