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The Characteristics of Silicone Defoamers and Instructions for Use

Jul 30, 2021

Bubble powder brings various problems to industrial manufacturing: in order to prevent the bubble powder from overflowing, the feed index is reduced by 35%~55%; the bubble powder overflows and causes the waste of raw materials; the bubble powder takes up space and affects the reaction. Speed, the production period can’t help but extend the time; foam will affect the quality of products, such as textile coatings, plastic products; the formation of foam will affect the stability and reliability of industrial manufacturing, resulting in fluctuations in operation and uneven product quality .

For the problem of foaming, the most real way to deal with it is to use defoamers. Whether it is silicone defoamers or other types of defoamers, their effect is to deal with the problem of foaming.

Advantages of silicone defoamers
Organosilicon defoamer is prepared by using silicone oil as the basic component, with suitable solvents, emulsifiers or inorganic fillers through special technology. This organosilicon defoamer is used as a high-quality defoamer, with strong defoaming ability. More importantly, siloxane combines the characteristics of chemical stability and reliability, physiological inertia, and good high and low temperature test functions. And then it is widely used. ■ Strong defoaming and anti-foaming power, less usage;

 Does not affect the basic characteristics of the bubbling system;
Good heat resistance, stable chemistry, harmless substances, non-flammable and non-explosive.
Silicone defoamer has excellent anti-foaming and anti-foaming functions. It can be added after the foam is formed or used as an anti-foaming ingredient to add products. Depending on the use system, the amount of antifoam can be 9~1000ppm , The optimal filling amount is determined by the user according to the actual situation experiment.

The silicone defoamer product can be used in real connection, or it can be used after dilution. If the foaming system can be fully stirred and dispersed, it can be filled and added without doing a good job of dilution. If you need to do the dilution work, complete the dilution work according to the manual. It is unavailable to use water to dilute the work product, which is prone to layered demulsification and other phenomena, which will affect the quality of the product. The manufacturer of the defoamer shall not be held responsible for the adverse effects caused by the use of water to do the dilution work or other wrong way of treatment or the use of the product.
Silicone defoamer is formulated with silicone oil as the basic component, with suitable solvents, emulsifiers or inorganic fillers through a special process. As an excellent defoaming agent, silicone defoaming agent has strong defoaming power. What is especially valuable is that siloxane combines chemical stability, physiological inertness and good high and low temperature performance, so it has been widely used.

Antifoaming agent is an auxiliary agent whose function is to eliminate the foam formed in the production process. Silicone defoamer is a high-efficiency defoamer processed by a special process. It has good thermal and chemical stability. It can produce stable surface tension in the foam, control the foam in the entire production process, and completely eliminate Kinds of bubbles. Silicone defoamer is a white viscous emulsion. Silicone defoamer is an indispensable auxiliary in the production process in the chemical, paper, coating, food, textile, pharmaceutical and other industrial sectors.
Advantages of silicone defoamers:
1. Wide application.
2. The surface tension is small.
3. Good thermal stability.
4. Good chemical stability.
5. Strong defoaming power.

Application occasions of organosilicon defoamer:
1. Textile slurry, high temperature dyeing;
2. Industrial water treatment;
3. Mud defoaming in oil exploitation;
4. Water-based paint and other water-phase foams.
5. Other industries that require foam suppression time and fast defoaming.

Because of its water-based silicone defoaming agent has many characteristics such as rapid defoaming, long defoaming time, safety and non-toxicity, its application prospects are very broad. It is widely used in papermaking and textile industries.

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