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Talking about the Principle of Defoamer

Oct 21, 2020

With the rapid development of industry in our country, the use of defoamers has become more and more widespread, but many people only know that defoamers are mainly used to eliminate foam, but have not deeply understood the working principle of defoamers. Today I will introduce to you the working principle of defoamer.
One, defoamer ingredients
We all know that to understand the working principle of a product, we must first know the composition or structure of the product. First, let's take a look at the main ingredients of the defoamer. The defoamer ingredients mainly include four types of active ingredients, emulsifiers, carriers, and emulsifying aids.
1. Active ingredients: silicone oil, vegetable oil, mineral oil and other substances;
2. Emulsifier: non(octyl) phenol polyoxyethylene ether, soap salt, op series, etc.;
3. Carrier: as long as it is not a water solvent, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, oxygenated solvents, etc.;
4. Emulsification aids: dispersant, tackifier, polyvinyl ether, etc.;
Second, the role of ingredients
1. The role of the active agent; it plays a major role in defoaming, breaking and defoaming;
2. Emulsifier function: play an auxiliary function in the defoaming process, mainly to promote the dispersion of active ingredients into water;
3. Carrier function: it has the effect of suppressing foam, the carrier combines with the bubble substance to prevent foam regeneration;
4. Emulsifying additives: as the name implies, it helps emulsify, make defoaming faster and cover wider;
Three, defoaming process
When the defoamer is added to the product that needs defoaming, the active ingredient in the defoamer will immediately contact the foaming substance in the product, and then quickly disperse into the foaming system under the decomposition of the emulsifier, and foam The surface solution foam film around the system will gradually become thinner, and the stability will gradually decrease. When the surface tension of the foam film is not enough to support, the stability of the film disappears completely, and the foam film is finally destroyed and the foam is eliminated.

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