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Substrate surface has resistance

Jun 13, 2018

Solvent type addition cure silicone releasing agent

Solids solvent-addition silicone release agent is generally 30%. When diluted with toluene, n-hexane, etc. to a solid content of 2% to 10%, dubbed a catalyst coating liquid. To minimize the amount of solvent can also be formulated as solids content of the coating liquid 10% to 30%. Concentration or viscosity of the coating liquid to the substrate wettability, curing and the use of others have subtle effects. It is generally the concentration should be specified merchandise conditions to prepare a coating solution.

Low concentrations of the coating solution after adding the catalyst using a long period. But too much diluted, because they have a resistance to the substrate surface. Concentration of the coating solution is generally not less than 5%.

High concentrations of silicone diluted with a solvent dubbed the coating liquid, the substrate surface without excluded its type, can be very thin coating layer. In addition, the excluded type also have a certain relationship with the type of the solvent. Aromatic solvents excluded prone to resistance, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents less prone excluded sex.


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