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Simple analysis of water-soluble silicone oil

Aug 21, 2019

Water-soluble silicone oil is a kind of high-hydrogen polysiloxane. Silicone oil contains a total of three silicone component series, each series has different polymerization degree components. These three series of polysiloxanes have common The structural unit - (CH3) HSiO - differs only in its capping group. A total of 43 components were identified, accounting for 90.9%. The retention index of the high hydrogen containing polysiloxane component can be calculated by measuring the normal paraffin series under the same conditions, and the molecular weight distribution of the component can be studied.

The chemical nature of the aminoalkyl polysiloxane becomes more active than the general polysiloxane due to the presence of the aminoalkyl group, and as such, the aminoalkyl polysiloxane has many uses in practice. If a qualitative analysis of a sample of a double-ended aminopropylpolysiloxane is carried out using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometer, since the molecular weight of the sample is relatively large and the boiling point is relatively high, some components cannot vaporize the peak, as seen in the total ion chromatogram. It is only a part of the low molecular weight component.

The water-soluble silicone oil was analyzed by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. The electrospray ion source was used as the ionization source, and the upper limit of the molecular weight was expanded to 2000. In the ESI mass spectrum, it can be clearly seen that the composition of the sample is basically normal. The distribution trend, the relative molecular weight of the adjacent two components is just 74, which is the relative mass of the structural unit - (CH3)_2SiO-. A total of 27 components were identified. Based on the relative abundance of each peak in the LC-MS ESI mass spectrum, the approximate relative content of each component was calculated by normalization method, and the qualitative and quantitative components accounted for 62.5% of the sample components.

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