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Silicone wax Amino modified silicone oil

Aug 31, 2018

Silicone resin Progress

Silicone is a kind of variety, excellentperformance, good safety and wide application of new special polymer compositematerials. At present, all kinds of silanes, siloxanes intermediates preparedby their silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone resin, a silane coupling agentand ghost emulsion products. It has been widely used in electrical andelectronics, construction, automotive, textile, light industry, cosmetics,medical, food and other industries, and has played an active role. So far, ithas successfully developed a cosmetically Silicones are: dimethyl polysiloxane,methylphenyl polysiloxane, silicone oil, cyclic polysiloxane, methylpolysiloxane emulsion, polyether modified silicone oil, alkyl-modified siliconeoil, amino modified silicone oil, silicone waxes, silicone resins,silicone-treated powder series.

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