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Silicone waterproofing agent advantages and disadvantages

Feb 28, 2018

Silicone waterproofing agent is a pollution-free, non-irritating new efficient waterproof material, widely used in advanced countries in the world. This product is sprayed (or brushed) on the surface of the building to form a colorless, transparent, UV-resistant breathable film on its surface that is imperceptible to the naked eye. When the rain blows on it or in humid air, it will naturally Flowing, to prevent water intrusion, but also the building can be washed out of dust, so as to make the inner wall moisture, mildew, clean the outer wall and prevent weathering and so on.

Silicone waterproofing agent has two properties are: water and oil. Water-based silicone waterproofing agent is colorless or light yellow, it incorporated into the cement mortar, but also play a retarder, water reducer and enhancer role. Therefore it is suitable for use in the construction industry, facade finishing, underground engineering, antique buildings, pools, brick, cement, gypsum products and perlite-based insulation materials and rural roof waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-pollution treatment . Oily silicone waterproofing agent is transparent, generally used for glazed, ceramic tiles, floor tiles, ceramics, etc., may be appropriate to add some solvent dilution, easy to use.