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Silicone resin liquid particle size distribution is relatively uniform

Apr 10, 2018

Silicone resin powder and silicone resin emulsion

After using a silicone resin powder added to the treatment of hair conditioner, hair dry, wet combing has been effectively improved. Description silicone resin powder lubrication, excellent dispersion, can reduce the dry, wet hair and comb friction, providing smooth feel to hair. However, the effect of improving the silicone resin powder prepared under different conditions the hair combing difference is not a small difference. So good silicone resin powder prepared by the reaction control performance condition is especially important.

For added silicone resin emulsion conditioner, can significantly improve hair dry, wet combing. Each sample recipe dry combing of hair improving effect is more obvious, and the hair of each other to reduce the friction of the gap is not very big. Overall, the application effect is better than the sample prepared by hydrolysis and condensation recipe. This may be due to the liquid silicone resin prepared by emulsion polymerization particle size distribution is relatively uniform, improve hair combing the ideal result.