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Silicone oil and additives

Oct 17, 2018

Silicone materials product line

Silicone materials are a class of differentdegrees of functionality monomer (or intermediate), modified organic groupcomposition, made by the condensation reaction of various polymers; and againwith various additives, processed into various forms of products. Siliconematerials are generally divided into silicone, silicone rubber, silicone andsilane coupling agent four categories products group.

Silicone oil is usually divided intoordinary silicone oil and modified silicone oil into two categories: The formerinclude dimethyl silicone oil, methylphenyl silicone oil and methyl hydrogensilicone oil; the latter is phenyl dimethicone as part of a molecule methylgroup, an organic group other than hydrogen substituted silicone.

Each species of silicone oil, but alsoaccording to their viscosity, size, structure and content of the modified groupis divided into a number of series, differentiation grade. In conventionalsilicone oil, dimethicone silicone characteristics of the most prominent, theamount is the largest, most wide range of applications; Modified silicone oil,polyether-modified silicone oil, the largest amount, widely used as foamstabilizers, fiber finishes, fabric finishing agents, cosmetics, paint levelingagents, defoamers and pesticide spreading agent.

Silicone secondary processed products mainlyinclude: antifoaming agents, mold release agents, fiber treatment agents,silicone paste, grease, release agent, polymer additives and the like; It isnecessary, use different varieties of silicone oils and additives configurationmade.

Polymer additives including polyurethanefoam with a foam stabilizers, PVC foaming mechanical foam stabilizers, coatingadditives, latex and other heat-sensitive coagulant.

Release paper silicone releasing agent fromthe polymer and curing mechanism used to see, it should belong to the siliconerubber; typically from the use of a single function which will also be includedsilicone secondary processing products.

Each silicone anti-blocking agent accordingto the peel force and light and heavy divided into a number of differentiatedproducts and services.