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Silicone grease application related solutions

Aug 26, 2019

Silicone grease is called silicone resin. It is called thermal grease, thermal grease, thermal grease, thermal grease, high thermal grease, silicone oil as base oil, various fillers, and various functional additives. a creamy body. Silicone oil guarantees a certain fluidity, and the filler fills a small gap between the CPU and the heat sink to ensure thermal conductivity, and since the silicone oil has low temperature sensitivity, the low temperature does not become thick, and the high temperature does not become thin, and Not volatile, so it can be used for a long time.
Heat transfer of electronic components, such as transistors, ballasts, thermal sensors, computer fans, etc., high-power transistors (plastic tubes), heat transfer media for diodes and substrates (aluminum, copper) contact gaps, rectifiers and electrical Thermally conductive insulation material.
Silicone grease is suitable for high-voltage anti-corona, non-combustible coatings for connection to high-voltage flyback transformers for televisions and similar applications. Effective heat connection for many heat sinks requiring effective cooling, suitable for power amplifiers in the electronics industry Contact surface with heat sink: such as TV, DVD, CPU and power amplifier tube, it plays the role of heat media.

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