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Silicone elastomers decorative coatings

Sep 14, 2016

Flexible silicone latex decorative coatingsis to introduce a silicone bond in the acrylic resin polymerized into the newfilm material. Add silicone improved weathering resistance and durability of anacrylic resin, coating an elongation of 700% to 300%, fine cracks mask wall,the coating layers to improve the decorative features. General multi-stepemulsion polymerization into a composite polymer latex, the center of a hardresin. Compared with ordinary glue residue, coating flexibility and betterwater resistance, higher gloss and hardness, stain resistance is quite high, itis a promising functional coatings. Reactive silicone raw rubber latex solutiontherefrom, the crosslinking agent and catalyst under certain polymerizationconditions, the solution after dehydration crosslinking reaction can beperformed at room temperature, to form a silicon emulsion film having a networkstructure as a whole.

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