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Room temperature curing agent and heating curing agent

Mar 28, 2017

Curing agent can be divided according touse at room temperature curing agent and heat curing agent. Epoxy resin at hightemperature curing general good performance, but in civil construction in theuse of paint and adhesives due to heating difficulties, need room temperaturecuring. So most of the use of fatty amines, ring lipids and polyamide, and soon. In particular, coatings and adhesives used in winter have to be used incombination with polyisocyanates, or polyhalines having a malodorous odor.

As for the medium temperature curing agentand high temperature curing agent, to be the body of the heat resistance andheat resistance of cured, adhesion and chemical resistance, etc. to select thebenchmark. The focus was on polyamines and anhydrides. As the anhydride curedproducts have excellent electrical properties, so widely used in electronics,electrical aspects.

The aliphatic polyamine cured product hasexcellent adhesiveness and alkali resistance and water resistance. The aromaticpolyamine is also excellent in chemical resistance. Since the nitrogen elementof the amino group forms hydrogen bond with the metal, it has excellentanti-rust effect. The higher the concentration of amine, the better the anti-rusteffect. Acid anhydride curing agent and epoxy resin to form ester bonds,organic acids and inorganic acids show a high resistance, electrical propertiesare generally more than the polyamine.

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