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Nov 29, 2017

The chemical structure of siloxane

The step of building the chemical structureof the siloxane is the process of determining the length of the polymer chain,branching, and insertion of the organic group. From the point of view of itschemical structure, the structural groups entering the molecule are representedby the letters M (monofunctional), D (difunctional), T (trifunctional) and Q(tetrafunctional). The M functional groups are chain terminating because theyare monofunctional; the D functional group is a linear increment, making themolecule larger and more viscous. M reacts with the D-functional group to forma silicone fluid.

Silicone fluids, also known as siliconeoils or monosiloxanes, are sold at high and low viscosities and have aviscosity in the range of 0.65 cst to 1000 000 cst. If the product is not amixture of two liquids of different viscosities, the viscosity is related tothe molecular weight. Viscosity, tactile and elastic differences are animportant influence, strictly speaking, a structure-activity relationship.

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