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Precautions on Silicone Waterproofing Agent

Nov 29, 2016

1. Silicone waterproofing agent in winterconstruction, with sodium nitrite antifreeze can be used in conjunction.

2. Organic waterproofing agent for generalchemicals, construction workers in the storage and use should be careful not tosplash the face, in particular, may not be splashed into the eye, orimmediately rinse with plenty of water or a doctor. Wear protective clothinggloves, protective glasses, wear overalls, avoid contact with the skin.

3. The agent in the transport and useshould not be exposed to zinc, aluminum, tin and other more active metal, cannot be stored with iron metal containers, in order to avoid chemical reactionscaused by product deterioration and corrosion of the container.


Storage and Shelf Life

Storage and transportation of organicsilicon waterproofing agent to prevent rain, exposure and packaging containersdamaged; storage and transportation environment temperature 0 ~ 30 ℃, shelf lifeof three years.

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