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Pesticide synergist - silicone

Jan 31, 2018

Silicone surfactant is a new type of pesticide adjuvant developed in the mid 60s of last century. It is often used as a spray auxiliary for pesticides. It has good wettability, strong adhesion, excellent ductility and high Stomatal permeability and other advantages, added to the pesticide can play a saving, provincial and provincial workers synergistic effect.
    Silicone is a kind of siloxane surfactant, which can be used as assistant of pesticide, which can greatly reduce the surface tension of pesticide, reduce the contact angle between pesticide droplet and foliage or worm body, Plant surface or pest surface wetting, adhesion or exhibition ability, thereby enhancing efficacy. For example, in the production of many plant leaves and pests body surface will have a thick layer of waxy, the surface of the special structure, making it almost impossible for the water to stay, if the prevention and control of these crops pests and diseases when the drug solution in the silicone additives After the adhesion will be greatly improved. Silicone has low expansibility and high stomatal permeability, which can promote the direct absorption of herbicides and systemic fungicides to plant leaf mesophyll through the leaf L of plant foliage, which plays a good auxiliary absorption role. In the case of low tension, but also through the pores of pests make the liquid medicine to the pest body, to improve the effectiveness of contact insecticides helpful. The use of silicone additives, can save the amount of water when dispensing, and can effectively reduce the amount of pesticides. As in the prevention and control of rice planthopper and rice leaf roller, add liquid silicone additives can spread to the base of rice and leaves the back of hard to spray to the drug site, is conducive to improving control efficiency. When controlling rice leaf roller, add 0 05% ~ 0 1% silicone additives, reducing the amount of 1/3 of pesticides, the use of conventional water spray 1/3, you can achieve the same control effect. Use of organic silicon additives, but also can improve the prevention and control of pests with conventional pesticides is difficult to control, such as the prevention and treatment of strawberry thrips, the use of spinosad with silicone, it can reduce the surface tension of water, rapid wetting Leaf and worm body surface to promote the rapid expansion of active ingredients, penetration and absorption, improve the lethality of thrips, control significantly improved.
    Improper application of silicone additives can also cause phytotoxicity, especially on crops that are susceptible to moisture, such as cucumbers and beans. At present, there are reported medicinal crops such as Red Fuji apple, red cherry, strawberry and the like, which may cause stomatal decay when used in high concentrations. The main symptom is the loss of green leaves and dryness on the leaves of the fruit trees Abnormal brown precipitation or halo and so on. Leaf waxy thin layer, easy to wet crops thicker than the leaf waxy crops such as rice, wheat, green onions, citrus and more prone to injury. Silicone surface tension is very low, strong penetration, into the water after the fish highly toxic, easy to fish gill function damage, after use to prevent inflow ponds.
    Should pay special attention to the following points: First, strictly control the use of concentration, strict control of dosage. Silicone additives and different types of pesticides mixed with the appropriate concentration: pesticide 0.025% ~ 0.1%. Fungicides 0.015% ~ 0.05%, herbicide 0.025% ~ 0.15%, plant growth regulators 0.025% ~ 0.05%, some strong insecticides and herbicides should be taken to reduce the amount used to prevent injury. Second, can not be applied under high temperature conditions, the temperature is better than 300C, it is best not to add pesticides spraying pesticide additives, the opening of crop stomata, coupled with strong activity of silicone additives, strong penetration And easy to cause injury to crops. When spraying on fruit trees, do not spray directly on the fruits to prevent the appearance of rust spots and rust spots. It is best to apply after fruit bagging. Three is now with the current. Silicone additives are easily decomposed in the conditions of partial acid and partial alkali, and most pesticide formulations are obviously acidic, therefore require the use of organic silicon additives, pesticides are now mixed with the present. Fourth, add the right amount of defoamer. Silicone auxiliaries are highly active and prone to excessive foaming. When applied, they must be added last in the vaporizer barrel to avoid over-agitation and reduce the amount of foam. The defoamer made of silicon-based opacity silica is the most effective it is good.
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