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Microemulsion polymerization

Oct 31, 2018

Prepared by emulsion polymerization ofsilicone resin emulsion

Emulsion polymerization process is a veryimportant, since the beginning of research has been 90 years of history.Because of its simple process operation, pollution is small, can be widelyapplied. Now the world's synthetic polymer product by this process tens ofmillions of tons of production.

The basic components of the emulsion arewater, monomers, emulsifier and initiator, the polymerization reaction systemis a non-homogeneous, heterogeneous. Since the emulsion polymerization methodhas its unique bit, such as cheap water as a medium security, the polymerizationrate, high molecular weight polymers can be polymerized at low temperature. Soaround the world competing for the emulsion polymerization technologydevelopment. Currently emulsion theoretical research has made great progress,but there have been many new ways emulsion. Such as emulsion polymerization, inline with emulsion polymerization, microemulsion polymerization, miniemulsionand concentrated emulsion polymerization and the like. Since the composite canbe designed wherein the emulsion particle morphology of the resulting emulsionhas excellent performance has attracted people of all ages.