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Methyl silicone oil production and application performance

Nov 4, 2019

Methyl silicone oil is the earliest silicone polymer used in commercial applications. Because of its excellent anti-oxidation, anti-shear, low surface tension, water repellency, defoaming and other properties, it is widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as electrical, mechanical, paint, and medicine.
    In the production process of methyl silicone oil, the catalyst decomposes to form a gas with pungent odor. These gases are partially dissolved in the system, which makes the silicone oil smelly and the application is limited. Therefore, the production of methyl silicone oil should try to eliminate odor.
    The methyl silicone oil production process is carried out in a reactor. The whole production process includes a copolymerization reaction process, a low-bottle boiling process, a heat preservation process, and a product extraction and cooling process. The low-boiling gas is generated by the condenser (circulating water, After the condensation temperature is normal temperature, after condensation, the non-condensable gas is led to the activated carbon absorption device for treatment and discharged through the 15m exhaust pipe at a high altitude.
    Methyl silicone oils of different viscosities will be mixed with each other. Due to the low lightning of low viscosity silicone oil, the lightning of the blended methyl silicone oil may be reduced. The chemical properties of methyl silicone oil are relatively stable, but the viscosity changes when exposed to strong acids, strong alkalis, or aluminum, tin, etc. at high temperatures.
   Tests have shown that between 90-120 °C using the program temperature control method and after de-lowing, the temperature is lowered to below 140 °C, and the dry air bubbling method is adopted to obtain the methyl silicone oil which is colorless, has no odor and is qualified. The average conversion rate has increased from 65% to over 80%.

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