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Mechanical emulsification and emulsion polymerization

May 5, 2017

Silicone materials used in cosmetics, inaddition to a variety of silicone oil, cyclic silicone, silicone rubber rawrubber, silicone, most is an emulsion, dispersion, solution, gelling agent,protective film forming agent formulations use .

In order to meet the requirements of avariety of cosmetics, so far has developed water-in-oil type silicone oilmicroemulsion, large particle size silicone emulsions, narrow particle sizedistribution of silicone oil emulsion, the oil phase is a silicone oil emulsionmultilayer structure, the oil phase of the core-shell silicone oil emulsionstructure and ultra-high viscosity silicone oil emulsion viscosity and highconcentration of silicone oil emulsion and other varieties. These emulsionsproduction method is varied, but basically can be divided into mechanicalemulsification and emulsion polymerization method two categories.

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