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Leveling agent

Mar 31, 2020

English professional name: Leveling agent, leveling agent is a commonly used coating additive, it can promote the coating to form a smooth, smooth, uniform coating film in the drying film formation process. A substance that can effectively reduce the surface tension of the coating liquid and improve its leveling and uniformity. It can improve the permeability of the coating liquid, reduce the possibility of spots and marks during brushing, increase coverage, and make the film formation uniform and natural. Mainly surfactants, organic solvents, etc. There are many types of leveling agents, and different types of leveling agents are used in different coatings. High-boiling solvents or butyl cellulose can be used in the solvent-based finishing agent. In water-based coating agents, surfactants or polyacrylic acid, carboxymethyl cellulose, and the like are used.
Leveling agents fall into two broad categories. One is by adjusting the viscosity of the paint film and the leveling time. Most of these leveling agents are high-boiling organic solvents or their mixtures, such as isophorone, diacetone alcohol, Solvesso150, etc .; the other It works by adjusting the surface properties of the paint film. Generally speaking, the leveling agents generally refer to this type of leveling agent. This type of leveling agent migrates to the surface of the paint film through limited compatibility, affecting surface properties such as the interfacial tension of the paint film, so that the paint film achieves good leveling. According to different chemical structures, there are three main types of leveling agents: acrylics, silicones and fluorocarbons.

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