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Is the ideal material for solar cells for outer glass packaging

Oct 10, 2017

Elastoplastic silicone "three"paint

In the present, all "three"paint, elastoplastic silicone "three" best overall performance coatings,having a room temperature or low temperature curing, construction andconvenient features. After curing adhesive coating both flexibility, but alsothe smooth transparent surface, and resistant to high and low impact,high-frequency dielectric properties, excellent "three" performance,etc., can meet the whole high and low frequencies and protective coating hybridcircuit. It is a resin content of 50% of a 60% xylene solution, good storagestability at room temperature. After adding driers may be cured at roomtemperature deposition, in the electrical, electronics, petroleum,pharmaceutical and other industries it can be used for moisture treatmentcapacitors impregnated porous ceramic material, protective coating of oilequipment, used as a type of heart from QM pacemaker protective materials.Because of its good transparency, dust resistance, resistance to atmosphericaging, anti-ultraviolet aging properties, ideal material for solar cells oroutside the glass package.