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Introduction to the Composition and Application of Polyurethane Additives for Foam

Apr 16, 2021

Polyurethane foaming agent is the product of cross combination of aerosol technology and polyurethane foam technology. There are two kinds of spongy states in the pipe type and the gun type. Styrofoam is used as a foaming agent for the production of microcellular foams. It can generally be divided into physical and chemical types. This is based on whether the production of gas is a physical process (that is, volatilization or sublimation) or a chemical process (that is, chemical structure). Damage or other chemical reactions).

The full name of polyurethane foaming agent is one-component polyurethane foam jointing agent, commonly known as foaming agent, foaming glue, PU jointing agent, English PU FOAM is the product of the cross combination of aerosol technology and polyurethane foam technology. It is a special polyurethane product in which components such as polyurethane prepolymer, blowing agent, and catalyst are filled in a pressure-resistant aerosol can. When the material is sprayed from the aerosol tank, the foamed polyurethane material will rapidly expand and solidify and react with the air or the moisture in the contacted matrix to form a foam. Wide range of applications. It has the advantages of front foaming, high expansion, small shrinkage, etc., and the foam has good strength and high adhesion. The cured foam has various effects such as caulking, bonding, sealing, heat insulation, and sound absorption. It is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving ﹑Easy to use building materials, suitable for sealing and plugging, filling gaps, fixing and bonding, heat preservation and sound insulation, especially suitable for sealing, plugging and waterproofing between plastic steel or aluminum alloy doors and windows and walls.

Performance description:Generally, the surface drying time is about 10 minutes (at a room temperature of 20°C). The total drying time varies with the ambient temperature and humidity. Generally, the total drying time is about 4-6 hours in summer and 24 hours in winter at around zero. It will take longer to dry. Under normal use conditions (and with a covering layer on the surface), it is estimated that its service life will not be less than ten years, and the cured foam will maintain good elasticity and adhesion within the temperature range of -10°C to 80°C. force. The cured foam has the functions of caulking, bonding, and sealing. In addition, flame-retardant polyurethane foaming agent can achieve B and C flame retardant.

1. Polyurethane foam caulking agent, the temperature is high, it will flow, and the stability is poor. Not as stable as polyurethane rigid foam.
2. Polyurethane foam sealant, the foaming speed is too slow, large area construction cannot be carried out, the flatness cannot be controlled, and the foam quality is too poor.
3. Polyurethane foam sealant is expensive.
typical application
Door and window installation: sealing, fixing and bonding between the door and window and the wall.
Advertising model: model, sand table production, exhibition board repair.
Sound insulation and silencing: fill the gaps in the decoration of speech rooms, broadcasting rooms, etc., which can play a role in sound insulation and silencing.
Gardening and landscaping: flower arrangement, gardening and landscaping, light and beautiful.
Daily maintenance: repair of cavities, gaps, wall tiles, floor tiles, and floors.
Waterproof plugging: repairing and plugging leaks in water pipes, sewers, etc.

Packaging and transportation: It can conveniently package valuable and fragile commodities, which is time-saving and fast, shock-resistant and pressure-resistant.

Polyurethane foam composition and method for manufacturing flexible polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is produced in the presence of additives containing guanidine derivatives. When these additives are present in the polyurethane formulation, physical properties such as air flow, dimensional stability, and stretching are observed The improvement of properties, tearing, elongation and foam hardness. In addition, these additives can minimize the degradation of the polymer under humid aging conditions, resulting in foam products with better mechanical properties.

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