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Introduction of three physical and chemical properties of lubricating silicone grease

Aug 20, 2019

During the operation of lubricating grease, foam is often generated due to the presence of air. Especially when the oil contains surface-active additives, it is more likely to generate foam, and the foam is not easy to disappear. The foam generated during the use of the grease will destroy the oil film, cause the friction surface to sinter or increase the wear, and promote the oxidation and deterioration of the grease, and also cause the gas resistance of the lubrication system to affect the grease circulation. Therefore, anti-foaming property is an important quality index of grease and the like.

Oily is the polar substance in the lubricating silicone to form a strong physical and chemical adsorption film on the metal surface of the friction part, thereby resisting high load and anti-friction wear, while the extreme pressure is the polarity of the grease in the friction On the surface of the metal part, it is decomposed by tribochemical action under high temperature and high load, and undergoes tribochemical reaction with the surface metal to form a low-melting soft (or plastic) extreme pressure film, thereby achieving impact resistance and high resistance. High-temperature lubrication of the load.

Industrial lubricating grease is often inevitably mixed with some cooling water. If the grease is not resistant to emulsification, it will form an emulsion with the mixed water, making it difficult for water to escape from the bottom of the circulating tank, which may result in Poor lubrication. Therefore, demulsibility is a very important physical and chemical property of industrial greases. Generally, the oil is vigorously stirred with 40 ml of test oil and 40 ml of distilled water at a certain temperature for a certain period of time, and then the oil layer-water layer-emulsified layer is separated into 40-37-3 ml time; the industrial gear oil is mixed with the test oil and water. Stir at a constant temperature and 6000 rpm for 5 minutes, place for 5 hours, and measure the number of milliliters of oil, water and emulsion layer.

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