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Introduction of three major classifications of hydroxy silicone oil emulsion

Aug 29, 2019

The composite ionized hydroxy silicone oil emulsion can be used for finishing various textiles, has the function of improving the fabric hand feeling, improving the elasticity and smoothness of the fabric, and has the unique advantage of being the ideal waterproofing agent for the fabric and the methyl hydrogen silicone oil. The emulsion can be used in combination, and the waterproof performance and waterproof durability can reach a relatively high level. It can be used as a waterproofing agent for the vinylon cover canvas and a waterproofing agent for the polyester card.
The anionic hydroxy emulsion is characterized by good compatibility in the fabric finishing agent and the emulsion is very stable. In particular, most of the additives in textile printing and dyeing are anionic. If cationic hydroxy milk is used, it is easy to cause demulsification and bleaching, and anionic hydroxy milk can avoid this drawback, so it is more popular with users and has a wide range of uses.
Although the cationic hydroxy silicone oil emulsion is an excellent fabric soft finishing agent, the emulsion is not resistant to hard water and cannot be bathed with dimethylol dihydroxyethylene urea resin (2D) resin, catalyst magnesium chloride and anionic brightener. Used, so there are certain limitations in use. Due to the poor stability of the emulsion, the silicone polymer is easily separated from the emulsion and floated on the liquid surface, commonly known as bleaching oil. If the cationic and nonionic emulsifiers are used in the emulsion polymerization process, the disadvantages of preparing the hydroxy silicone oil emulsion by the cationic emulsifier can be overcome, and the prepared silicone emulsion can withstand hard water, can be combined with 2D resin, magnesium chloride and The brightener VBL is used in the same bath and has good heat resistance and freeze resistance.

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