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Introduction of Multifunctional Finishing Agent

Jan 12, 2021

Fabric finishing is to apply a finishing agent on the fabric, which can change the surface properties of the fabric, thus giving the fabric special functions. For example, hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing is to treat the fabric with a finishing agent with low surface tension, change the surface characteristics of the fiber, so that the surface of the fabric is not easy to be moistened and spread by water or oil, so as to achieve the purpose of hydrophobic and oleophobic finishing. Antifouling finish and easy decontamination finish are the processing technologies that change the surface properties or surface state of the fiber to make the fabric not easy to be stained with dirt under the wearing and using conditions, or to wash the stained dirt easily and no longer be stained.

It is suitable for dyeing and finishing of polyester, polyester blended and acetate fabrics
It is suitable for dyeing and finishing of nylon
Give the fabric good hydrophilic function, make the fabric moisture absorption and perspiration.
The fabric can be easily decontaminated above grade 4.0, and it can still reach grade 4.0 after 15 times of washing
It has good washability
Mechanism of action
Polyester fiber was modified by grafting special water dispersible polyester with water repellent layer of polyester fiber

Features and functions:
Make the stains on the polyester fiber easy to remove, and make the polyester fiber have easy decontamination performance
The hydrophilic gene was grafted onto the polyester fiber to give it excellent hydrophilic property
The polyester fiber has good hygroscopicity and excellent hygroscopicity and perspiration
Make the polyester fiber have conductive gene, give the polyester fiber good antistatic performance
Make polyester fiber soft and smooth, reduce fabric scratch, crease and chicken paw mark
Dispersing and dissolving polyester can improve the color yield, brightness and finish of the fabric under high temperature and high pressure,
The oligomer precipitated in bath can reduce the contamination of fabric by oligomer
Endow polyester fiber with fluffy handle, make the fluffy and fluffy products have richer handle
Fluffy finishing agent for wool and notoginseng
Products that can be derived (special for textile auxiliaries suppliers)
Durable easy decontamination finishing agent durable hydrophilic finishing agent durable moisture absorption and perspiration
Durable non-ionic antistatic agent in bath anti wrinkle agent hydrophilic leveling agent
Fluffing agent, durable hydrophilic softener
The softness of wool and blended fabric can be improved obviously when it is compounded with amino silicone oil softener

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