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Instructions for Use of Silicone Waterproofing Agent and Principle of Waterproofing

Apr 2, 2021

One. Product name Potassium methyl silicate

Two. Product introduction:
This product needs to be diluted with water when used. It is used for the treatment of materials such as stone and bricks, ceramics, cement mortar, perlite, gypsum and fiber gypsum board, especially porous materials, which can produce surface waterproof and reduce water absorption. It is permeable and absorbable, and can maintain the natural appearance of the substrate without changing the original color and appearance of the substrate. It can react with CO2 or other acidic compounds in the air to form an insoluble mesh waterproof and breathable membrane on the surface of the substrate. It has excellent waterproof effect and anti-seepage, moisture-proof, rust-proof, anti-aging, anti-pollution and other advantages. Avoid inhalation of water into the substrate, thereby reducing the peeling caused by freezing and thawing and weathering, and increasing the life of the substrate. This product has simple construction, low cost, long-lasting effect, abrasion resistance, scrubbing resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-50~150C).

Three. How to use
1. Clean the surface of the substrate before use, remove the water, dirt and other attachments from the base area to be treated. If there are cracks, use putty or cement slurry to fill it up. The surface of the substrate should be flat and solid, and there should be no hollow drums. , Looseness and other phenomena
2. Before construction, the surface of the substrate can be slightly moistened for absorption.
3. Dilute to a concentration of 3% or lower when in use. If you need to use a concentration higher than 3%, you must first perform experimental verification. The high concentration will cause the formation of white residue on the waterproof surface.
4. It can be constructed with rags, sponges, brushes, rollers and sealed spray guns by soaking, spraying or brushing. It can also be mixed into concrete for use.
5. After painting, let the treated surface dry naturally, and paint a second time before the surface is dry. For example, it is used to protect the surface of stone and ceramic tiles, wipe off excess liquid with a soft cloth before the surface is dry after construction, and keep it free of water for at least 24 hours.

Four, matters needing attention
1. Before use, conduct a small sample concentration test to determine whether the concentration is suitable for your specific purpose.
2. This product is extremely corrosive. It is strictly forbidden to come into direct contact with the skin. If you accidentally touch it, please rinse it with water immediately. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water and seek medical advice promptly. This product can also damage or kill plants, stain or corrode glass, plastics, aluminum and most metals. Special care must be taken when spraying, and water-repellent should be avoided on nearby plants or objects. Keep out of children's reach when used for home decoration storage. But the alkalinity disappears after the brushed surface of this product dries, which is harmless to human body.
3. If the concentration of the formulated waterproofing agent is too high or used too much, a small amount of white precipitate will be formed on the painted surface after drying. If it is rinsed with water or is not clean, it needs to be scraped off the surface.
4. In winter, if the temperature is too low, the product will freeze the crystal structure. When heated to room temperature, the solution will become transparent, and the active ingredients of the product will not be damaged, so you can continue to use it. It is recommended to wear protective gloves and face glasses during construction. Avoid inhaling the mist generated by the product during outdoor construction. When spraying or fogging in a closed environment, it is recommended to perform local exhaust.
The water-cement ratio will affect the migration speed of chloride ions in the finished gypsum. The greater the water-cement ratio, the faster the migration of chloride ions under the same premise, and the greater the impact of chloride ions on the performance of the finished gypsum.
The thermal stability of calcium chloroaluminate hydrate is not good. Under the premise of heating, the crystal will be damaged to a certain extent. At this time, some chloride ions will enter the solution and become free ions, and the physically adsorbed chloride ions will also be under this premise. Some of them enter the water and become free ions. Hongbuya expressed that the content of chloride ions increases when compared with that under non-heating conditions.

The addition of silicone waterproofing agent can improve the water resistance of gypsum board. Whether it is under the premise of standard maintenance of natural food samples, with the increase of the amount of waterproofing agent, its board bonding performance will show a trend of decline after the advanced step. ; When the waterproofing agent content is 1.5%, the gypsum board has the best bonding performance. This is because in the process of gypsum hydration, the water repellent forms a hydrophobic substance with sodium methyl siliconate as an important component between the gypsum crystals, which can be filled in the gypsum crystal grains and pores to reduce the porosity, especially Reduce the number of connecting holes, homogenize the pore structure, increase the compactness of hydration products; effectively reduce the migration speed of chloride ions to the interface during the heat treatment of gypsum board, reduce the chloride ion content at the interface, and improve the paper-faced gypsum board Bonding function between. At the same time, the hydrophobic substance in the silicone waterproofing agent covers the gypsum crystal grains, which reduces the affinity of the gypsum crystal grains with water and improves the water resistance of the gypsum. Therefore, under the premise of standard maintenance, the bonding function of gypsum board and paperboard after adding organic silicon waterproof agent is improved. However, when the amount of waterproofing agent is too much, the waterproof film formed on the outer surface of the gypsum crystals will reduce the bonding strength between the crystals and between the gypsum crystals and the protective paper, and may also reduce the activity of the modified starch. The bonding performance of gypsum board and cardboard is reduced.

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