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Innovation: A Drinkable Dye--Fruit Dyeing

Jan 8, 2020

  For many years, textile printing and dyeing has been placed in the high-polluting and high-emission production industry circle, so when I heard that dyeing dyes can be drunk, I was really surprised. It is the "fruit dyeing" which is one of the major scientific and technological projects in Guangzhou. "The company that invented this technology successfully dyed textile products with a drinkable fruit dye!
      With the expectation of "green water and green mountains", and the expectation of revealing the mysterious veil of how textiles and garments transform to a green economy, recently, this new fruit dyeing industry system was deeply revealed.
       The invention originated from a touch of environmental pollution: the surrounding environment of the inventor's enterprise was originally beautiful and clean, but 10 years ago, after eucalyptus was planted all over the mountain, eucalyptus "absorbed water, absorbed fertilizer, and poisoned" against other species and the soil. It has great pollution to water quality and environment. This kind of "green" pollution makes the government and farmers have a dilemma.
      So the inventor started a study to replace the traditional textile product dyeing method with a new natural fruit dyeing process: fruit seedling cultivation → farmers planting fruit trees → fruit collection → fruit storage → fruit dye liquor preparation → fruit dyeing → clothing.
       Traditional fruit uses are mostly for eating and drinking. Fruits are used to dye cloth. There is no sewage in the whole dyeing process, and no chemical additives are added in the production process. It can greatly save energy and reduce emissions. Very good, but the problem of color fastness and batch industrialization. How to solve the focus problem? The fruit dyeing technology innovation team has spent huge amounts of money and up to 8 years, and has recently obtained a batch industrialization solution that can greatly improve the quality of pure ecological products. The entire process of dyeing is very environmentally friendly. The production site is full of fruit flavors and dyeing. The used fruit juice test indicators meet the GB / T19976-2005 "Sanitary Standards for Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drinks".
       Fruit dyeing products have many advantages in terms of material adaptation range, product color, product gloss, product feel, product color change, manufacturing cost, market size, etc .: they can dye cotton, linen, silk, wool, modal, bamboo fiber, Tencel and many other natural and cellulose fibers.
It is a very safe and environmentally friendly dyeing process. The cloth surface will form a layer of natural active pectin, which is skin-friendly, moisture-absorbing and breathable, and because the fruit dyeing product is pure natural dyeing, which fully matches the natural light source, The colors are elegant and seductive, and even if the children look at these colors for a long time, they will not be tired and cry.
However, because other chemical dyes contain chemical residues such as fluorescent agents, the situation is just the opposite. Therefore, fruit dyeing products are particularly suitable for baby and children's clothing and underwear, home clothing, home textiles, and light luxury style, literary style, natural style and other fashion brands and high-end custom制 Sphere.
This low energy consumption and extremely environmentally friendly green ecological industry innovation, even if the fruit dyeing has not been able to cover all kinds of textile and apparel product categories, large-scale applications such as inner wear and home textiles, the contribution to ecological development has been inestimable.
        "Green water and green mountains are the golden mountains and the silver mountains." This is a profound change in the development concept and will surely lead the Chinese textile and apparel industry to a new level of sustainable and green development.

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