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Features of Silicone Softener

Nov 24, 2016

Silicone Quaternary Ammonium Salt can beused for hydrophilic finishing of fabrics. It can give the fabric a good waterabsorption, sweat absorption, softness, smoothness, resilience, antistaticproperty. And non-toxic, harmless, is an efficient, safe, multi-functional softfinishing agent. Silicone quaternary ammonium salt in addition to the fabricused for anti-bacterial softening, but also can be used for other materials onthe surface. For example, in the wood, leather, non-woven fabrics,polyurethane, rubber, man-made fibers, synthetic fibers and a variety ofsilicate surface coatings appropriate to add organic quaternary ammonium salt,greatly enhanced antibacterial effect. In the leather fatliquoring agent,finishing agent by adding ammonium chloride, in addition to increasing theflexibility, conjunctival firmness, the anti-mildew effect is particularlyprominent. In the bottom of the anti-corrosion protective coating, adding acertain amount of silicon ammonium chloride, in addition to corrosioninhibition function, but also greatly improve the effectiveness of algae andother biological attachment to maintain the chain, extend the ship maintenancecycle.

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