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Fabric stiffener

Mar 24, 2020

First, the main ingredients:
Modified amino resin
Product index:
Appearance: Colorless transparent viscous liquid
Solid content (120 ℃ / 2h) 70% ± 1
PH value 7.5-9
Water-soluble Completely water-soluble
Three, performance and characteristics
1. High reactivity, excellent stiffening and anti-sagging effect, good elasticity, not softening
2. It can be used in combination with the coating adhesive of coating glue coating printing to improve the fastness.
3. Combined with water and oil repellent, it can significantly improve the washing fastness of the fabric.
Fourth, the scope of application:
Suitable for stiffening finishing of polyester, nylon and blended fabrics, and can be used as a crosslinking agent.
5 、 Using method
1. Stiff finishing:
This product ZL-4018 concentration: 10-200g / L
Stiffening catalyst: about 20-25% of the amount of stiffener
Process flow: padding → baking (170-200 ℃, 30-90s)
2. Used in combination with water and oil repellent, coating rubber, etc.
This product ZL-4018 concentration: 3-6g / L
Stiffening catalyst: about 20-25% of the amount of stiffener
Note: It is not recommended to use on cellulose fiber, please adjust the specific process through the sample as required.
六 、 Notes when using:
For stiffening processing:
1. Must choose matching catalyst. The recommended ratio is: resin: catalyst = 5: 1, which can be adjusted appropriately.
2. After the catalyst is used, the trough property of the working fluid is about 5 hours. Do not prepare a large amount of working solution to avoid waste.
3. The fabric must be clean and free of any acid, alkali, salt, oil stain or other enough to hinder resin penetration.
4. The fabric is impregnated in the slurry, and it must be fully penetrated. It is recommended to add a small amount of penetrant or rolling.
5. When the product is not in use, do not mix it with acidic substances or catalysts to avoid agglomeration and deterioration.
6. After using this product, the fabric must be dried at high temperature when setting, otherwise the stiffness effect will be affected.
VII. Storage and Packaging:
Plastic barrels, sealed and protected from light, with a shelf life of 3 months at room temperature.

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